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[11 Dec 2004|09:49pm]
Goodbye Illinois hell florida =)
I'm leaving this frozen hellhole on monday to go to jacksonville and I couldn't be happier. As far as news I've gotten the apc tattoo I wanted so I'm fricking happy as hell for that...also I'm returned to the love of my life and hopefully a new beginning will spring from that. Oh the brother is going to become a daddy and i will be that kick ass aunt that i always wanted to be.
my last weekend in illinois I went clubbing with the roommates I've come to love and so with that I leave this place on a good note. Seriously, though I'm afraid of going back home. I'm not sure how I'll react. Hopefully, I'll get to see angie, vane, the jens, and jules...people who I know will make me smile.
I'm anxious =)

Oh yea...

By the way people...the military isn't that bad.
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[11 Dec 2004|07:19am]
quick update: I'm moving into the dorms in the other base across the street. own kitchen own bathroom =) doing my advanced electronics first and then the rest in pensacola. MORE FREEDOM. =)

p.s. I chickened out once again. psh...julie slap me dawg, I could'vejust said it to_____ but I didn't. blah.

So yea, I'm closer to home.

OH FIEF! I miss you and thanks for the message =) See you soon buddy.
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[05 Nov 2004|05:15pm]
Well, let me write some things before I have compartment watch. I'm single again so holla ;) um...I'm still stuck here in Illinois. It's fucking cold...and...ANNDDDD...yea I found out about the Bush thing. Sucks. Look, just go ahead with the guy's shit apparently there's a lot of people that want him to have the job. WAIT! Do not write back and begin a political argument remember...I've been in captivity for weeks...I might just be delirious.
I spoketh with the Aixameister yesterday...glad to hear she's happy with the woman and I'm even more happy she's happy to hear from me =)
Let's see...
Hopefully I'll be getting orders next week. I've decided to start college courses sometime next year. I need to start working on advancement as soon as possible. I need the dough. I'm telling you all now...that stingray WILL BE MINE. shiiiettt. I haven't heard from the Fief my Olde E buddy so I'm guessing he's in denial or just plain stupid for not calling me. CALL ME LUVAH! Hmm...fuck I have watch. For those who don't know...VANESSA REYES FINALLY HAD SEX. I am proud of her. I am overwhelmed with pride. I believe she will one day...have an orgasm.

Join the Navy. Swim with the dolphins. Tacos are great.
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[24 Oct 2004|02:03pm]
491 3030

My new number with miami area code for you cheapos so you won't have to buy any calling cards....time of business...9pm until 1030 when I have to go sleep...on weekends call me whenever...let's see...I'mstill here...didn't want to go downtown today =/ toolazy....Im going to just chill at the arcade...I hate Illinois.
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[18 Oct 2004|11:35am]
this is jenny...im alive...im a sailor...i wasted 500 bucks in downtown chicago yesterday...im dazed...confused...and ready to just go home and chill a little bit. it's fricking frezzing over here...so yea...hell to everyone and to everyone..hello. =)
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Spiderpussy was weird, Fief. <note [06 Aug 2004|01:42pm]
So I'm leaving in six days.
Not thrilled but probably curious about the feeling of leaving home and being away until december. Mostly, I think this knot in my stomach comes from the things I'm leaving behind. None of which have been fulfilling. I just want to know why I thought things would work out for the best. No I'm not talking about anyone in particular. Just life in general. I leave behind highschool and those who made it awesome/horrible/hearbreaking. It feels good to start fresh but to do it alone...that's new.
Above all I hoped to leave with some pleasant thoughts but only unfinished ones lurk around in this head of mine. Eh...I'm hoping people will change for the good.
I hope no more die or get fucked one way or the other or fucking get some CHICK PREGNANT...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!
dumb ass...
Cousins I tell you...
So anyway.
I retire to my zelda...windwaker...thankyouvermuch.

That Is All.

P.S. To Jessica : ALWAYS keep an eye on your drink.
ButterflyJWF [1:51 PM]: hey
JennyGoneMad [1:51 PM]: yo
JennyGoneMad [1:52 PM]: What is up?!?!
ButterflyJWF [1:52 PM]: whats up?
JennyGoneMad [1:52 PM]: lol
JennyGoneMad [1:52 PM]: not much
JennyGoneMad [1:52 PM]: 6 days left
JennyGoneMad [1:52 PM]: before I commit to a life of murder
JennyGoneMad [1:52 PM]: I mean...
JennyGoneMad [1:52 PM]: until boot camp.
ButterflyJWF [1:52 PM]: lol
ButterflyJWF [1:52 PM]: you're gonna be fine
ButterflyJWF [1:52 PM]: wow...6 more days
ButterflyJWF [1:52 PM]: =-O
ButterflyJWF [1:53 PM]: already?
ButterflyJWF [1:53 PM]: man the summer passed by quickly
JennyGoneMad [1:53 PM]: yup
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They both look like greedy fucks, don't they? [20 Jul 2004|04:16pm]
[ mood | crappy ]





On the Economy:
Says we can't afford Bush's tax cuts, and that they threaten health care and education
On the Economy:
Says the economy is "getting stronger and stronger," crediting his tax cut program (Yes it's going oh so well for your economy...the pipeline gushing with oil seems to be overflowing your pockets, Mr.President.

On Iraq:
Says war demoralized the country, alienated allies

On Iraq:
Says war removed a dictator, was a fight against terror

On Health Care:
Promotes a big plan to expand coverage

On Health Care:
Has a more modest plan, denounces malpractice suits

Sources: The New York Times




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24 days... [19 Jul 2004|02:25pm]
[ mood | hot ]

...before I leave this place.

So I had this dream that Fief was pulling some weird stunt in his car where he crawled out of his moving car jumped on the hood of his car and tried to jump unto the car in front of him, which was the car I was riding on. So he does and his car ends up swerving towards a canal or something so we turn around and find his car inside a canal with boa constrictors all over the place. In the passenger side of his car was some really hot gothic chick who probably died. Weird dream....with snakes...and....stupid Fief...and...goth chick...and...me...and...yeah.

So I drew this for my AP EXAM. Beck I got a 3. lol. I didn't even finish it and I got a 3. ha. Goes to show you that lazyness DOES pay off. Nothing much to write about. I'm spending my last few weeks in Florida with my finger up my ass letting time just fly on by. I guess I don't really care? Or is the fear numbing me? Is it because I haven't gotten laid in like a month? I don't know...it can be because of all those things. Oh well.


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for you, booby =) I miss you. [09 Jul 2004|05:59pm]
[ mood | creative ]

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Leche. [09 Jul 2004|02:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

HAA!!! that's little jenny right there guys!!! I bet that milk would've tasted better with some oreos...

Well, I'm leaving august 12 and I'm so scared because...jeez THE NAVY! I won't be coming back for a long time. I'm going to miss a lot of things and a lot of people...most of all my mom. Of course, she will do her share of crying when I leave and I'll do my share of crying when I'm getting my ass chewed by petty officers and whatnot. Despite the loneliness to come I'm glad and I don't regret it one bit (yea keep saying that dumbass, one day you'll believe it). Hopefully after boot camp and stuff I'll go to art school while in the navy and get better at my cartoonies, then actually get off my lazy ass and post on my website...post REAL cartoonies.

But first....




lol, I'm kidding babe.  O =D  

It's supposed to be a halo.



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I feel like dancing...! [02 Jul 2004|07:11pm]




Here we stand
Worlds apart, hearts broken in two, two, two
Sleepless nights
Losing ground
I'm reaching for you, you, you

Feelin' that it's gone
Can change your mind
If we can't go on
To survive the tide love divides

Someday love will find you
Break those chains that bind you
One night will remind you
How we touched
And went our separate ways
If he ever hurts you
True love won't desert you
You know I still love you
Though we touched
And went our separate ways

Troubled times
Caught between confusions and pain, pain, pain
Distant eyes
Promises we made were in vain, vain, vain

If you must go, I wish you love
You'll never walk alone
Take care my love
Miss you love

(chorus twice)

I still love you girl
I really love you girl
And if he ever hurts you
True love won't desert you
No, No





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Nothing more nothing less... [01 Jul 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Found this in someone's profile...

" watching you walk out of my life does not make me bitter or cynical about love, but it rather makes me realize that if i wanted so bad to be with the wrong person, how beautiful it would be when the right person comes along"

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[30 Jun 2004|11:59pm]
[ mood | creative ]




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[30 Jun 2004|07:13pm]

Ate 2 bean burritos...

I think I might pass out.
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Oh hell... [25 Jun 2004|03:38pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

So as the summer comes to an end (for me at least) I've seen how fucked up people can really be. I thought it was a high school thing, and maybe it is. High school is not a place...it's not that building with the weird ficus/bush alligator thing in the front and the dank humid stinky halls and classes that imprison 4,000 students. No, it's not that place, it's a fucking state of mind. I've come across a few unfortunate people that are just sad...sad with life and sad with what they have. Yet, they don't do anything about it but grovel and make other people miserable. Even if I don't go to the Navy (if by struck of misfortune I break my ass or something) and I end up staying here I don't see myself becoming that bitter. I once was but eh, I once was 14.

I see my friends...and my ex friends...and I wish them luck. Not like in jobs or careers or money and shit like that. Just luck in finding peace of mind. Be happy with that you are. With what you have. Just let things be. Don't make others suffer because in the end when you go to sleep that shit is not enough.
When I fell asleep last night I realized that these four years I worked on relationships and friendships thinking that they wouldn't end, that they would grow to be strong. They did. They eventually failed. That's the way it was intended to be I guess.
I'm not ecstatic either. Shit HAS gotten to me but the way I deal with it is not that different from the way someone deals with a problem you know won't matter in a few years. Won't scar you or anything. It'll just be a memory. I recall what my friend Jenny's girl told me. "Let me ask you something. Do you remember 5 years ago that one conflict you had that made you feel like the world was going to collapse and there was nothing after that? Well, do you feel the same way about that conflict now, and has the world ended?"
The simplest things can be blown up to be the most tragic things when in reality they are what they are. Nothing. Just sand in your butt after you left the beach. A minor adjustment and you're on your way.
Not one of the greatest analogies ever but I'm sure people can relate to that.
Sand in your butt, you know.

Good thing is...my mom bought me oreos. YUMTASTIC!

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[23 Jun 2004|01:55pm]
Becky is a fag.
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I'm holding out. Not getting an answer. I'm finding out...cheating gets it faster. [22 Jun 2004|11:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

"Don't want a thing from you, im going out, i don't care if you're angry..."

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SKEESH. [21 Jun 2004|06:09pm]
[ mood | content ]

I think I made an omelette today. Not sure.

La Playa tonight.

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A night to remember but can't. [20 Jun 2004|06:32pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Monday - Did NADA. I think maybe Arthur passed by. Not sure.

Tuesday- The beach. Skin as red as a lobster. Pain was very excruciating. Same day went to see "The Day After Tomorrow"...um...that movie was lacking something.

Wednesday- Fief and Andrew came over. Went to eat. They were passing out during Terminator so they left. Drank a little Bacardi. Just a little.

Thursday- Andrew came over in his grandma's hot ass ride. Grandma + sexy ride = disturbing fantasy.

Friday- Went to play pool with the Jennys and their friends. Then off to the movies. Watched "Soul Plane". Don't ask.

Saturday- GOT INCREDIBLY SMASHED. Went into the water. So drunk didn't notice I still had my skirt on. Threw it at Cassie. Lost my 3rd lighter (I'm not buying anymore fucking lighters) and watched some boy walk around nakie. BECKY SOLD ME OUT. Which is ok.I hate you. Doesn't matter. Invented a new drink which consisted of mixing the wrong stuff. Drank "the hulk". 4 shots of JD. Ate Harry Potter beans. Got 2 dirts and a tutti frutti. Met someone's girlfriend. Um...got hit on by some guy who couldn't stop looking at my tits. Angie drank a submarine. SHES A FUCKING G!!!!Took a shower in the hotel room. then puked on the expressway. Angie and Cassie MADE me buy McDonalds food. Nasty shit. Nuggets where healthy looking. Not sure how to explain that.
Got home TRIED to call Erika to tell her I still had her stuff disregarding the time (4 am I think it was) and then passing out and hearing the phone ring and I think it was her mom so I tried to play the dork. I think it worked?? PEOPLE KEPT FUCKING CALLING ME. So ringer went off.

Sunday-Woke up at 6 pm. Jumped on the father and gave him a kiss. And now I'm trying to figure out how a night like that...drunk and all...can hinder someone's thoughts. Thoughts you were so sure of the day before but seem hazy and senseless now. Eh.

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[17 Jun 2004|01:37pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Overcome by your
Moving temple
Overcome by this
Holiest of altars

So pure
So rare
To witness such an earthly goddess
That I’ve lost my self control
Beyond compelled to throw this dollar down before your
Holiest of altars

I’d sell
My soul
My self-esteem a dollar at a time

One chance
One kiss
One taste of you my magdalena

I bear witness
To this place, this prayer, so long forgotten
So pure
So rare
To witness such an earthly goddess

That I’d sell
My soul
My self-esteem a dollar at a time
For one chance
One kiss
One taste of you my black madonna

I’d sell
My soul
My self-esteem a dollar at a time

One taste
One taste
One taste of you my magdalena

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